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Legal issues and more.

The current version of the "General Terms and Conditions for Products and Services in the Electrical Industry" (source: ZVEI)  apply as well as the supplementary SCHLEICH conditions.

The legal conditions may be downloaded as PDF-file.

In case the contract from the SCHLEICH-download area is older than the current version of the ZVEI-contract, this contract applies instead.

ZVEI Allgemeine Lieferbedingungen Juni 2011 [Sprache: de]

ZVEI Ergänzungsklausel Erweiterter Eigentumsvorbehalt Juni 2011 [Sprache: de]

Allgemeine Einkaufsbedingungen / SCHLEICH General Conditions of Purchase [Sprache: de]

Zusatzbedingungen zu den Geschäftsbedingungen des ZVEI - Mitwirkungspflicht des Kunden [Sprache: de]

/ ZVEI Supplementary clause Extended retention of title June 2011[Sprache: en]

/ ZVEI General Terms & Conditions Jan 2018[Sprache: en]

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