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Custom-made test covers

All kinds of test covers- individually constructed and custom-made

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Perfect protection against accidental contact - custom-made.


  • Mechanically solid and durable constructions
  • Developed for rough industrial applications
  • Space for clamps and contactings
  • Automatic start when cover is closed
  • immediate interruption when opening the cover during tests
  • CAT IV-suitable safety limit switches
  • Transparent test cover to observe the test object during the test
  • Optional automatic protecting doors with safety equipment
  • Optional cover lock
  • Optional light curtain incl. initial sample inspection
  • Customized solutions to integrate your test object
  • Customized solutions with integrated roller surveyor
  • Customized solutions for the installation of manual contactings
  • Customized solutions for the installation of automatic contactings
  • Customized solutions for automatic production lines

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