Universal winding testers — Surge voltage test 6, 12, 15, 25, 30, 40 or 50 KV



Winding tests in its purest form.


Intuition – Function – Perfection.

The MTC2 is our premium surge voltage tester - no other tester offers such a diversity of features. With the MTC2 you inspect coils, stators, armatures and all kinds of windings according to the latest state of the art - uncompromising and precise. 

Innovations, technology lead and a patented analytical method for surge voltage characterize the MTC2-surge voltage testers of the 6th generation.
A finely graduated variety of testers from 6 KV up to 50 KV  is available. 

Based on 25 years experience, extensive know-how and consistent optimization you get THE "state-of-the-art surge voltage tester". 


What makes the MTC2 so special?

4 connection leads

4 connectionleads offer the possibility to contact all relevant winding connections at the same time. The 3 phase connections and the neutral point are connected to the 4 connection leads.  In this way it is possible to achive a unique test accuracy.

Automatic test method switch-over

As soon as the test object is connected, the MTC2 automatically measures at all 4 connections. Thanks to the integrated test method switchover, there´s no need for manual re-clamping. This saves time and avoids mistakes.

Advanced surge voltage

The surge voltage test with standard-compliant rise time leaves no defect undetected. Modern, automatic evaluations facilitate the fault analysis.

Optional partial discharge test with surge voltage 

The innovative, standard-compliant partial discharge test can easily be integrated. It gives you information about critical insulation weaknesses and the suitability for operation with frequency converters.  SCHLEICH pursues two strategies to obtain good test results at stators as well as at entirely-assembled motors: Measurement via coupler in the measuring lead (perfect for motors) and measurement via antenna (perfect for stators).

Optional precise resistance measurement in 4-wire-technology

To achieve precise measuring results by comparing the three phases´resistances , the resistance is measured in 4-wire technology.  Of course, the 4-wire technolgy is also applied by means of the automatic test method switchover!

Optional high-voltage test with AC 

In addition, you can also perform a high-voltage test with AC.  Of course,  the automatic test method switchover is also applicable in this case.

Optional rotor- / stator test

The measuring technology allows you to find faults in rotors or stators and to detect broken bars in the squirrel-cage rotor.


Motor repair | Manual stator inspection

Schleich_MTC2_manual stator inspection

SCHLEICH_MTC2_manual stator inspection

The MTC2 is immediately ready to perform spontaneous measurements. By means of the unique manual mode all test methods (resistance-, surge voltage,- insulation resistance- and partial discharge test) may be started.  There´s no need for test parameterizations in advance. You only enter the requested test voltage and start the test.

The software always provides you, similar to a multimeter, with the current test results.  Thus, the evaluation of the winding and its´insulating system is instantly possible and you are able to decide if the motor needs a repair and what needs to be repaired.

In addition, a variety of motor data can be entered, which can also be printed, together with the test results, on the SCHLEICH standard test report.

Motor repair | Manual inspection of squirrel cage rotors or stators

SCHLEICH_MTC2_manual inspection
By means of special test probes a turn-to-turn fault in the stator is determined. This procedure may also be applied at squirrel cage rotors.

See also : Rotor-Stator-Check

Motor repair| Manual rotor inspection

SCHLEICH_MTC2_manual rotor inspection
By means of special test probes and the armature booster the rotor is inspected from bar to bar. Usually it is tested between two adjacent bars. A quadrant- or  semicircle measurements also possible. The operator is led through the test by the integrated armature booster software. 


SCHLEICH_MTC2_armature booster
In this case the armature booster is used for direct measurements at a train.

See also: Armature booster in SchleichPedia

Motor repair| Fully-automatic inspection

In the repair sector, a great variety of motors and generators may be fully-automatic inspected.

For this, the MTC2 offers a fully-automatic mode, which is perfectly-suited for use the in electrical engineering industry.  There are 3 options to use it:

First option
As standard, the MTC2 is already equipped with a great number of test sequences for any arbitrary nominal voltage classes. Those are already pre-set for the different test tasks and may not be adjusted. Thanks to this, you can immediately start, even in the fully-automatic mode. The operator only has to select the test sequence according to the motor´s nominal voltage and connect the motor or stator.  Then he can start the fully-automatic test with automatic Go/ NoGo evaluation.
Es ist kein technisch geschultes Personal notwendig, um die Messwerte korrekt zu beurteilen!

Second option
In the fully-automatic mode the test is performed according to a freely-definable test sequence. The tester evaluates the measuring results fully-automatically and displays them either in red (NoGo) or in green colour (GO) on the screen. There´s no need for special trained or skilled staff to properly evaluate the measured results. 
A nearly unlimited number of test sequences may be entered, which may be ideally adapted to and optimized for your test situation and tasks.

Third option
All saved tests may be accessed at any time and further measurements based on these settings may be performed. By this you get a direct comparison to former test results.

Motor production

Schleich_MTC2_motor production
The MTC2 may be easily integrated in your production line. The cabinet´s dimensions are based on a 19"-housing in which the tester may perfectly be integrated.  Additional interfaces allow an entire remote-control by the master PC.

For different kids of test objects any arbitrary number of test sequences may be saved in the MTC2 and accessed and started via the interface.

All test results are accessible via the interface and may be stored in a central data base by means of the master PC. Furthermore it´s possible to save the results either locally on the tester or directly in the network.

Further impressions

MTC2 on its way to the scene 

  • Robust, solid test technology
  • Use on major construction site in South America

Motor inspection with the portable MTC2

  • The mobile use is very important for all MTC2-users
SCHLEICH_MTC2_inspection of broken winding

Inspection of a broken winding 

  • test before
  • test after
  • Test report printout with input- and output data
SCHLEICH_MTC2_inspection DC motors

Inspection of DC motors 

  • Inspection from bar to bar
  • The armature assistent leads you through the test

Testing without limits

  • The MTC2 is suitable for numerous applications and tasks


Benefits at a glance.

Voltage supply



Surge voltage

High-voltage DC

Insulation resistance DC

Polarization index

Partial discharge Surge - Option

Resistance- Option

High-voltage AC - Option


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